Tri-Cities Beverage Corporation was founded by Mr. and Mrs. A. Jack Georgalas in 1959. After saving ‘nickels and dimes’ for over five years, Mr. and Mrs. Georgalas were able to start the company in a 5,000 sq. ft. warehouse located in Downtown Newport News, Virginia. At that time, Tri-Cities Beverage had acquired the rights to distribute National Bohemian beer and had only two beer trucks making deliveries.

In 1963, Tri-Cities Beverage obtained the rights to the Miller Brewing Company and the Colt 45 brand. Six years later, in 1969, Tri-Cities Beverage entered the wine industry. With the help of the railcar system, Tri-Cities Beverage became a direct import, making some of the country’s finest wines available to the Hampton Road’s consumers.

With business continuing to grow, Mr. and Mrs. Georgalas and the whole Tri-Cities Beverage family broke ground, in 1973, at 612 Industrial Park Drive, Newport News, Virginia; giving Tri-Cities Beverage a new and permanent home base. In 1980, Tri-Cities Beverage purchased Chesapeake Bay Distributing; a Norfolk, Virginia based distributor which gave Tri-Cities Beverage the rights to service the South-Side Hampton Roads market.


Today, Tri-Cities Beverage Corporation proudly remains a family-owned organization with the best people and finest products. Over the past six decades, the entire Tri-Cities Beverage family has worked very hard to develop a broad portfolio of domestic, imported, and craft beers, as well as wines, champagne, and non-alcoholic products. To date, Tri-Cities Beverage Corporation represents over 100 suppliers from all around the world and continues to be a leading distributor in Hampton Roads.